Feeling Vata Lately? 

Published on: February 19, 2024

Are you feeling the late winter cold, dark, dreary day blues? 

You aren’t alone. 

The end of winter in many parts of the world is a dark and blustery time- and it’s messing with your vata balance. Here in the North Eastern US where I am, it’s windy, cold, and dark and to be honest I’m feeling a lot rough these days. 

Vata imbalance may show up as indigestion, constipation, and irritated skin. It can also be a restlessness that you can’t shake. The elements of air and space reside in-between your GI system and skin- two major organ systems that can wreak havoc if left imbalanced for too long. 

The other trouble with a high vata is that it will drive your other doshas to imbalance. That pitta short temper- yup, even shorter if vata is driving it. Moody blues of a kapha menstrual cycle will be have you even more triggered when vata in charge. 

So what’s a girl to do? 

While I can get behind grabbing the pint of Phish Food and making a hidey hole in a blankie fort a more adult (ahem) plan might be to deal with the vata excess and find some balance. 

  • Vata pacifying foods. Do a little grounding and juice up your dry skin with some soothing oils from nuts and seeds. Make a homemade loaf of multigrain bread and drizzle it with honey and almond butter. If baking isn’t for you, a simple baked sweet potato with butter and pecans will help. 
  • Get glowy. I know it’s cold, but you’ll feel better if you get your glow-on with some steady-state low impact resistance work. Unroll the yoga mat for a warm (not hot) yoga or pilates. If your normal go-to is a HIIT consider swapping out 1 HIIT a week for a LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) like barre or my favorite- vinyasa yoga. 
  • Be passionate. Literally about anything. Start a passion project, learn a craft, or do some indoor gardening. Ground yourself with something that gives you joy and you’ll feel brighter and grounded regardless of the wind-chill. 

It may not feel like it, but winter is temporary and I promise you that longer, brighter days are ahead.

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