You deserve a normal period.

Period problems don’t have to be your “normal.” Suffering each month isn’t your birthright as a woman. It is possible, and realistic to expect a healthy period. If you’re tired of being told “it’s in your head” or that you need to “suffer through” painful, irregular, and debilitating periods then I’m here to offer you a different path.
A path to a more normal, healthy period.
Customizable Meal Plans

Anti-inflammatory Diet

This 5-Day anti-inflammatory plan contains low-glycemic recipes aimed at stabilizing blood sugar, maintaining a healthy weight, normalizing hormones, promoting healthy digestion, and reducing inflammation associated with many chronic diseases.

Our team of credentialed nutrition professionals and culinary facilitators has created healthy meal plans to help you meet your health goals. All of our delicious recipes are extensively tested and feature whole food ingredients with easy-to-follow directions for people of all cooking levels.

You will receive a weekly anti-inflammatory meal plan that emphasizes the preparation of whole, plant-based foods.


Programs & Courses

A self-paced program or course is the way to go if you crave education but also need flexibility. We offer programs that are 100% self paced, as well as hybrid programs that include supplemental coaching. Self-paced programs & courses are for women with a primary goal of improving their relationship with food and a secondary goal of having a healthy period.

Bloom Program- 8-Month Hybrid Program

  • 3-Seasons of nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle guidance in real time
  • Designed for women who want to improve their relationship with food
  • A plant-focused, all foods fit approach to health & wellness
  • Everyday ayurveda strategies for modern-girl living


  • Small bite-sized courses to inspire and guide you on your journey
  • Perfect to get started or as a boost to 1:1 coaching or program
  • Can be completed in a few hours or weekends
  • Affordable, actionable learning to help you make sustainable changes for life
  • Learn Cycle Syncing, explore Ayurveda basics, brush up on your culinary nutrition skills, or dig deeper into period physiology


Client Success
I can predict my period!

For the first time ever, I can predict when my cravings are going to hit so I can be prepared with ways to deal with them without feeling guilty, bloated, or sick for 4 days.

– C.O. Sprout Program
Client Successes
Feeling more in control

Thanks to Tami I'm able to be more in control of my moods when my family needs me. No more being side-lined from my very busy life!

– C.M., Seedling Program
Client Successes
Life Saver!

When all my doctors had given up, Tami helped me get to the bottom of my digestive problems. She saved my life, and I can eat without fear again.

– C.N., Sprout Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Sorry, no. We do have payment plans available.

Book a clarity call! I can help you decide what service is a good fit- no pressure to enroll.

Due to the nature of digital content, there are no refunds.

Courses are available immediately upon purchase and you’ll receive a booking link for 1:1 coaching upon enrollment. The Bloom guided program is only offered twice a year for a limited enrollment, make sure you’re on the wait list for first dibbs at the limited spots.

The benefit of virtual sessions is that there is more flexibility to meet most schedules. Consider a self-study program for more flexibility.

Nope, it’s a 5000 year old science of self-care that still holds up! Ayurveda is about understanding your body and what you need to feel and be your best!

Do you have another question? Contact me.


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