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Sometimes you just need answers. That’s why we created programs, courses, and digital products to help you learn at your own pace. We’ve taken the most commonly asked questions, the biggest struggles of our clients, and the most requested resources and made them available to you.
Bloom Program

This 8-month hybrid program will guide you through implementing everyday ayurveda practices into your life one habit at a time. Over 3 seasons you’ll learn how to weave the most effective ayurveda practices into your busy-modern-girl-life. We’ll cover: nutrition, yoga & fitness, self-care, and lifestyle all with the purpose of improving your relationship with food & your body.

Period Personality

How well do you know your period?

This course will show you what a “normal” period looks like and the common irregularities like PMS, PMDD, and unpredictable cycles.

You’ll learn ayurveda tips for supporting a healthy period.

Eat Seasonably Guide for Fall

What foods should you be eating to support your healthy menstrual cycle in the fall?

Grab the fall guide to organize and plan your harvest season meals, movement, and self-care.


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