To Drink or Not to Drink this New Year’s

Published on: December 27, 2023

Mocktail Season

It’s that time of year when over-indulging, celebrating, and way too many cocktails leave us feeling like crap. But does it have to be? 

If you’re ready to do things a bit differently consider a celebratory mocktail! Celebrate all you want, stay up until midnight, and still feel good on January 2nd. 

Maybe alcohol doesn’t feel as great as it used to, it’s ok to do the season differently this year- if this resonates with you consider mocktails over cocktails this New Year’s: 

  1. It takes longer to recover from one or two drinks- alcohol and perimenopause hormones don’t mix
  2. You’re already sleeping like crap, believe it or not alcohol actually makes it worse- toss some tart cherry juice together with kombucha and a twist of lime and sleep soundly. 
  3. Inflammation. A pomegranate based mocktail actually fights inflammation. 
  4. Speaking of hormones- hot flashes, PMDD, and mood swings that plague the pitta dominant can be exacerbated by some alcoholic drinks. If you’re looking to balance hormones try a turmeric latte, or a delightful pomegranate ginger mocktail.

It’s goal setting season- a good goal for this New Year’s is to be intentional about how you celebrate. 



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