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I’m Tami

I believe that all women deserve to love living in their body & I'm on a mission to help make it happen through Ayurveda & nutrition!

My Story + Approach

I didn’t have a lot of female influence in my life growing up, and as a result I had to muddle through difficult periods, figure out fertility, and try to understand how I could possibly love my body when it was determined to make my life miserable.
Fortunately, I had some amazing mentors that helped me break free of the stigma around period talk and taught me that it’s possible to love every part of your body, even if you don’t particularly like some of the parts of being a woman.
I teach & live a form of ayurveda lifestyle that embraces the feminine form in all it’s cyclic glory. Women are beings who naturally operate on a series of cycles: daily, monthly, seasonally, not to mention the stages of the lifecycle. Imbalance occurs because women are expected to live a linear life- doing the exact same thing day after day. As women, we aren’t built that way and it makes us feel off, out of balance, and like we are failing.  
If you’ve ever struggled with sticking to a plan after a week or two you have experienced what it means to be a cyclic being trying to fit into a linear plan.
Through the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and the modern science of nutrition therapy we know that illness and dis-ease happen when we are out of alignment. My method of Fem-Form Nutrition Therapy has guided hundreds of women to finally get relief from period problems & improve their relationship with food.

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Because you asked...

What is Fem-Form Nutrition Therapy?


Stuff I'm proud of...

In addition to being a practicing kitchen witch, here are the highlights:

♥ Undergraduate in Dietetics & Nutrition from Buffalo State University

♥ Masters’ Degree in Wellness from Benedictine University

♥ Ayurveda Health Coach from Shakti School- Level 1, Level 2 in progress

♥ Yoga Teacher Certification

♥ Mindful Eating Certification

♥ Intuitive Eating Training

♥ Traditional Chinese Medicine Certification

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