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Let’s slow down, prioritize health & wellness, and build a healthy relationship with food.

Welcome to a space for plant magic, self-care, and a holistic approach to wellness.

Struggling with period problems?

You’re not alone! Many women report period problems interfere with work, family, and social obligations as often as ten times a year- that’s almost every month!

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar:

  • irregular or non-existent periods
  • debilitating cramping that side-lines you every month
  • cravings and uncontrollable hunger ruining your relationship with food
  • hormonal acne & hair loss
  • bloating and digestive issues on a daily basis
  • you’ve been told: “it’s normal” and “all women go through this!”
  • you simply want to feel like you have control over your own body


Have you heard about Ayurveda?

The ancient “science of life” offers a guide for finding balance for women who are interested in prioritizing wellness and being intentional with food, fitness, and rest.

Period problems, gut trouble, and hormone imbalance are signs of living out of balance with your body- you can come back to your symptom free, dis-ease free former self simply by following the wellness guide that’s been working for thousands of years.

How would it change your life to finally live symptom free?

Imagine finally feeling in control of your body again...

By applying the principles of Ayurveda in a systematic and modern-girls approach to nutrition and lifestyle planning you can see radical change in your period problems, gut troubles, and hormone struggles in just a few months.

Thousands of women have discovered the magic of mindfulness.

Imagine having more energy, feeling balanced, and living an empowered life.

It may seem like it’s too complicated, or that the information is gate-kept for the privileged. I believe that every woman should have access to living in harmony with her body- and I’m leading a community of women who have decided to honor the seasons, put self-care back on the daily planner, and fall in love with food once again. 

When you live in harmony with the seasons of the year, your body, and time balance is restored.

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Resources for Living Seasonably

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A subscriber-supported community for women to harness the knowledge of Ayurveda, the science of culinary nutrition, and the mindfulness of yoga.

Together we educate, learn, and support each other through weekly tips, seasonal guides, resources, and recipes for hormone balance, gut health, and reducing inflammation.

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This 4 Week Course is for you if:

  • You are tired of digestive issues
  • You need to get back in touch with your menstrual cycle
  • You’ve been tired-like really tired!
  • You want inspiration for living a more natural lifestyle
  • You crave a reset from heavy, sugary, hormone wrecking eating habits
  • You’re interested in Ayurveda in a way that isn’t restrictive or super confusing


Client Success
I can predict my period!

For the first time ever, I can predict when my cravings are going to hit so I can be prepared with ways to deal with them without feeling guilty, bloated, or sick for 4 days.

– C.O. Sprout Program
Client Successes
Feeling more in control

Thanks to Tami I'm able to be more in control of my moods when my family needs me. No more being side-lined from my very busy life!

– C.M., Seedling Program
Client Successes
Life Saver!

When all my doctors had given up, Tami helped me get to the bottom of my digestive problems. She saved my life, and I can eat without fear again.

– C.N., Sprout Program

hi there!

I'm Tami

Registered Dietitian, Ayurveda Health Coach, and Yoga Instructor

Hi Ladies!
I’m on a mission to slow the f*ck down and live a more intentional & mindful life and I’m sharing 20+ years of experience along the way.
A recovering Type-A (read: pitta/ virgo) Registered Dietitian, I got tired of diet culture, rigid meal plans, and the idea that you have to work harder and longer to get anywhere in the world. 

Studying Ayurveda opened my eyes to a world where slowing down, embracing the magical side of life, and prioritizing my mental health actually improved my physical health. Now I’m here to share it with you!

Twenty years as a Registered Dietitian taught me that women are suffering trying to live faster, do more, and be all the things. Pulling from yoga philosophy of mindful awareness, Ayurveda wisdom, and Culinary Nutrition I now dedicate my time to supporting women with imbalance to once again feel whole, in control, and balanced in a way that is sustainable, accessible, and empowering.

My passion project is building a community on Substack with my Living Seasonably Blog- the more like-minded women show up the more resources I can provide.

If you’re ready to embrace slow living, seasonal eating, and prioritizing self-care I’d love to have you join me!


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