Everyday Ayurveda for Women’s Health

Reclaim Your Cycle: Ayurveda-inspired nutrition therapy for women with period problems

Struggling with period problems?

You’re not alone! Many women report period problems interfere with work, family, and social obligations as often as ten times a year- that’s almost every month!

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar:

  • irregular or non-existent periods
  • debilitating cramping that side-lines you every month
  • cravings and uncontrollable hunger ruining your relationship with food
  • hormonal acne & hair loss
  • bloating and digestive issues on a daily basis
  • you’ve been told: “it’s normal” and “all women go through this!”
  • you simply want to feel like you have control over your own body

Imagine finally feeling in control of your body again...

By applying the principles of ayurveda in a systematic and modern-girls approach to nutrition and lifestyle planning you can see radical change in your period problems in just a few months.

My everyday ayurveda strategy is simple to understand and can be integrated into the busiest lifestyle giving you back control over your life!


Resources for your wellness journey

Custom Meal Plans

Do you struggle with planning healthy meals?

  • Custom meal plans are a diet free solution to meaningful change
  • Specially designed for women who struggle with period problems like PCOS, PMS, PMDD, and perimenopause
  • If you have no idea where to start and are suffering from overwhelm, start with curated, customizable meal plans
  • Figuring out what’s for dinner shouldn’t be causing you more stress. Get inspired to eat seasonably!
The Sprout Package

This 3 month package is for you if:

  • Anything in the previous column resonates plus…
  • You need deeper support & guidance
  • You are determined to make a radical lifestyle change
  • You’re interested in implementing seasonal cycles
  • You have complex issues with 2 or more overlapping concerns
  • You crave living a more aligned life
  • Your favorite yoga pose is wild thing
The Bloom Program

This 8 month guided journey is for you if:

  • You want to improve your relationship with food & your body
  • You can commit to small sustainable changes in food, movement, and lifestyle
  • You struggle with trusting your body & want to get rid of food rules
  • You crave a more nature-aligned way of living
  • Tree pose is your favorite yoga pose


Client Success
I can predict my period!

For the first time ever, I can predict when my cravings are going to hit so I can be prepared with ways to deal with them without feeling guilty, bloated, or sick for 4 days.

– C.O. Sprout Program
Client Successes
Feeling more in control

Thanks to Tami I'm able to be more in control of my moods when my family needs me. No more being side-lined from my very busy life!

– C.M., Seedling Program
Client Successes
Life Saver!

When all my doctors had given up, Tami helped me get to the bottom of my digestive problems. She saved my life, and I can eat without fear again.

– C.N., Sprout Program

hi there!

I'm Tami

Registered Dietitian, Ayurveda Health Coach, and Yoga Instructor

Like many women, I didn’t have anyone to teach me about the complexities of having a menstrual cycle- I certainly didn’t have anyone willing to talk openly about my struggles.

What I do have is the desire to help other women escape the stigma surrounding the female body and specifically period problems and the relationship women have with food, fitness, and their body.

I’ve dedicated my career to studying how nutrition science and the ancient wisdom of ayurveda can free women from hormonal struggles like PCOS, PMS, and even digestive problems.

It’s my mission to help women live a more cyclic and aligned lifestyle to break free from the stigma associated with menstruation, the “fifth vital sign.”


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